Second Wave Of Coronavirus!

Attention! Second Wave Of Coronavirus!

We ask everyone to keep a social distance, wear Masks and Gloves! Do not in any way contradict the actions of the authorities in your region.

The President signed a document that imposes restrictions on the work of some authorities, this is done in order to reduce the risk of infection. In particular, the budget allocated more than$ 12 for the purchase of masks and gloves for the state apparatus and the presidential administration. All civil servants will also be provided with personal protective equipment!

We ask all citizens of Avinenska who contracted coronavirus, or have had them – Report it to the post office – or by any means of communication with the authorities of the Republic of Avinenska Message of this Chapter or an appeal personally to the President.

You just need to be vigilant and not to believe the fake, watch the news in the sources of authorities for your region!

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