About US


The Republic of Avinenska was founded on October 16, 2017 by a decision of a group of like-minded people. A year later, the first Parliament was assembled and the first laws were issued. A year later, the Republic of Avinenska was able to declare itself for real. Now the Republic of Avinenska has a permanent population of 11 active citizens, and about 20 observers and guests. The first head of state was Demian Karpov and still is. The Republic of Avinenska has officially declared 30 km2 of Antarctic territory near the coast. Accurate the map is stored in the archive. The state has its own Constitution, criminal code, and several higher Federal laws. The current Republican “United Avinenska” government and the President pursue a moderate policy: agreements on recognition are Concluded, staff is recruited to government bodies, and laws are issued that minimize the participation of the state in the lives of citizens. The ruling Republican party “United Avinenska” is doing everything possible for a better future. The state guarantees electoral rights and their observance.

We are happy to see new citizens in our great country!

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