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Big News!


The press office of the President of the Republic of Avinenska Demian Karpov reports:

On January 24 of this year, President Demian Karpov visited the Lutheran Church and the museum that was located inside. During the spiritual walk, the president took note of many details that could be implemented in the state, spiritually gained wisdom and strength in order to continue his wise policy.

Other news: Over the past two days, the President and others have signed more than 10 decrees concerning the work of state bodies and clarifying some of the situation. In particular, it is now impossible to wear a mask under the pretext of fighting the “Covid”. Also, the Minister of Health Victor Efimov approved the “Sputnik V” vaccine only in the most extreme cases. And in the end, the President appointed many citizens to most of the ministerial positions by decree. According to the Presidential Decree, the army was created, more information about the decree can be found in the National Document Archive.

President Demian Karpov expresses his gratitude to all those who are not indifferent to the state and thanks everyone who wants to make Avinenska a great country!

Photo: Annenkirche Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg.

President visited…

Today, President Demian Karpov visited the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, he stood for the entire ceremony of worship and watched the church service. I learned more about faith and had a great time. Also, all the parishioners were without masks, which pleased the President very much.

As reported in the Government discussed plans for the creation of Avinenscan Orthodox Church.

Wait for the news!

National Document Archive!

The Federal Government has established a new congressional office – the National Archives of Documents. There will be published decrees and resolutions of the President, decrees and laws adopted by the Congress, laws that are on the vote in the Congress, and other documents as well as the legislative framework of the Republic of Avinenska.

This is a big step for our country!

Vaccine from Pfizer approved!

The Department of Health of the Republic of Avinenska has approved a vaccine against Coronavirus infection created by Pfizer.

“Before the new year, it is planned to issue a medical certificate to the drug, now we are doing everything possible to make it happen as soon as possible.” – President Demian Karpov.

We remind you that you must wear a mask and observe social distance.

Other news: President Demian Karpov was discharged from Covid hospital today.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas fellow Avinenscan people!

Merry Christmas people Evanensce! Our government wishes you a pleasant Christmas and a rest! On this day, we want to wish you all the best! It’s a family holiday and I hope you won’t be lonely today.

In honor of Christmas, President Demian Karpov declared from December 24 to December 26-a day off for all citizens and residents of the state.

Breaking news: President Election!

Presidential elections will be held on December 25th, 2020!

Total registered candidates from:

Republican party: presidential Candidate (incumbent) Demian Karpov, and Vice Presidential candidate Daniil Danilkin.

ROZARO party: presidential Candidate Pavel Korchagin, and Vice Presidential candidate Witold Chaban.

We ask everyone to register as a voter in the elections, the vote of every Citizen is important! Term of office: six months. Also, according to the results of the elections, a new convocation of the Congress of the Republic of Avinenska will be elected!

Be a Voter!:

Diplomatic relations with Republic of Svetlorussia!

Today, at 17:05, an important meeting was held at which a diplomatic agreement was signed with the Republic of Svetlorussia.

President Demian Karpov met with the Leader Republic Svetlorussia Nikita Burenin, during the talks the leaders of the two States discussed issues related to the St. Petersburg Micronation, from the side of Svetlorussia received a recommendation to establish diplomatic relations with Barkalia. By the Leader of Svetlorussia was followed by a Public mention Komarin Battle of the Revolutionary Anathema (better known as Cobra).

The signing of the agreement was held in a solemn atmosphere, two copies of the agreement were signed in total.

Long Live the friendship of Peoples!

Optimization of the electoral system!

The Congress adopted a new version of the Constitution of the state, which was proposed by President Demian Karpov.

In particular, the concept of “Voting age” was removed from the Constitution and will be defined by a separate act. The right to vote will now be granted to citizens over 14 years of age, as well as over 10 years of age (provided that they can register as a voter). The age of nomination as a Presidential candidate will also be determined by a separate act. in special cases, it can be reduced to 15 years, but so far the limit has been set at 16 years or more.

President Demian Karpov noted that the optimization of the electoral system allows us to give the state a new life, get out of stagnation and allow the people to decide the fate of their homeland.

“I have always believed and will continue to believe that true democracy is what gives life to our state. In recent months, we have faced big problems in the electoral process, and I think this is unacceptable. with this amendment to the Constitution, we were able to solve almost all the problems of our electoral system!”

President has visited Feodorovsky town.

While leaving Saint Petersburg for work in a diplomatic mission, the President Demian Karpov visited the Feodorovsky town and the Feodorovsky Sovereign’s Cathedral in the city of Pushkin, as well as local attractions.

He also paid tribute to the memory of the last Emperor of the Russian Empire Nicholas II at the monument in his honor.