The meeting of the Congress about referendum “3” August results.

On August 12, the Congress held a meeting that decided the fate of the last referendum. The referendum on the new Constitution of August 3 was recognized as legal and valid.

Most Congressmen criticized the new Constitution, but noted that it is better and more modern than the old one. Despite the differences, the absolute majority voted in favor of recognizing the results of the last referendum.

The President noted that citizens are politically illiterate and do not strongly want to solve the country’s problems, including this regard, sometimes there is a record low turnout in elections, ballots and referendums.

Mourning for Beirut…

Yesterday in Beirut there was an explosion that can be compared to an atomic bomb, hundreds of people were killed, possibly thousands. Tens of thousands of people were injured, hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and had to leave the city, and this is only official data. We are sorry to hear this news.

In the Republic of Avinenska declared a 24-hour mourning in memory of the innocent killed in that explosion.

May God protect you…

We are Winner!

Avinenska accepts congratulations in connection with victory in the competition Microvision!

This is a great honor for us and now this event can be called the pride of Nations. Avinenska be ready to host a new contest in October. We thank all participants for an interesting month before the Final. We hope that October will be just as hot and interesting!

The government thanks the state of Bagram for the successful holding of the competition and the organizing Committee of the OMK competition. Thanks!

Happy Birthday Mr.President!

Members of Congress, a Federal judge and the President of the constitutional court today congratulated the President on his birthday and wished him a long and happy life. The President received gifts from relatives and friends, as well as greetings from friendly countries.

Happy Birthday!

Friendship with The Republic of Padrhom!

The government concluded the agreement on confession between the Republic of Avianca and the Republic of Padrhom. The Treaty only strengthens the sovereignty of the two States and creates the ground for further friendship between the peoples of Avinenska and Padrhom.

“We hope for a long-term friendship with the Republic of Padrhom. It is now important for us to establish diplomatic relations for the preservation and protection of sovereignty, this is the main goal of the Republican government,” – the President Said.

News and referendum.

The government has updated the list of changes for the referendum to be held on the first of August this year. In particular, it is proposed to adopt a new Constitution that will cover all the needs and shortcomings of the current one. Adoption of the new Criminal Code. Adoption of a Presidential Republic instead of a parliamentary one in connection with its liquidation as an authority. From now on, with the adoption of the constitutions, the First Congressional elections will be held.

Friendship with The Karno-Ruthenian Empire!

The government concluded a diplomatic agreement on the mutual recognition of each other in the name of peace and freedom from the Empires Carnia of Ruthenium.

“We are glad to have a new diplomatic dialogue between our peoples, and we hope for a long and strong friendship. We will do everything possible to achieve this goal, ” the President said.

Also, His Majesty the Emperor of Carnia-Ruthenia was awarded the order of the Lion of the third degree for the establishment of diplomatic relations to our President. Thank you.

The agreement should enter into force one week after ratification by both parties. The agreement will enter into force on the first of August this year.

he first of August this year.

National Outer Space Agency!

National Outer Space Agency

The government has established the National Space Agency (NOSA). The Agency will be engaged in data processing and Analytics in this area, the study of outer space as well as planets and other extraterrestrial objects (including stars).

The Agency is completely neutral and independent of the current government.

The day of remembrance of Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington

On this day, three years ago, a good musician and a wonderful person left us… Chester Bennington gave us his soul, he fully invested in music and left us a rich legacy… Let life itself give the answer to all of us, how to live. We offer you to listen to and evaluate the songs of Linkin Park with us.

The Republic of Avinenska is grieving, our hearts are broken and we will not forget you…